Titles Available for Purchase

  • Barre Flight

    6 videos  |   Rent $15

    Boxing, Blast, & Bootcamp Booty/Thighs - oh, my! Hit up Barre Flight for an experience with the perfect blend of cardio and strength. Part Boxing, part Blast (Heart-rate up!) and part Bootcamp thigh/glute work; enjoy a sweat, sweat, sculpt session that will literally help your dreams take flight....

  • Soul Care Soak; Space for Your Soul to Breathe

    1 video  |   Rent $10   |   Buy $25

    There are many ways to care for one's soul, and this experiences is a nest full of them. Picture calm, peaceful connectedness. Tranquil music...gentle movement...and while each session is unique, there are often elements of meditation, visualization, and reflective journaling.

    This is an invita...

  • Buns & Guns
    3 videos  |   Rent $15

    Buns & Guns

    3 videos  |   Rent $15

    A strength class that focuses on glutes and arms? We got your back(side)! You're responsible for handing out tickets to the gun show. :-)

  • FULL 30 2nd Edition

    4 videos  |   Rent $15

    Join Tammy Weisweaver, creator of the B Present Studio Method, for this never seen before (4) full-body workouts in 30 minutes! That's right. A complete head-to-toe experience that will elevate your heart rate and make your muscles shake—all in 30 minutes' time. What a small investment (2% of you...