Sculpt 15

Sculpt 15

Four 15-minute classes designed by Tammy to help you tighten and tone. Enjoy each class by itself or as an add-on to other Barre on Demand classes. Workouts include (1) Ab Blaster, (1) Barre Arms, (1) Thigh Toaster, and (1) Booty Blaster.

2-3lb Weights, ball, long band, circle band and something to hold onto are recommended.
Sculpt 15 available for 30 days.

Sculpt 15
  • 15 Minute Thigh Toaster w/ Tammy

    15 minutes of thigh toasty moves. Enjoy Thigh Thursday any day of the week!

    Class Type: 15 Minute Thigh Toaster
    Barre Tender: Tammy
    Toys: Something to hold onto
    Date: 03-23-20

  • 15 Minute Barre Arms w/ Tammy

    This 15 minute workshop is dedicated to TRIMMING & TONING your ARMS!!! Bye, bye flabby tri (ceps)! Hello bi (ceps)! :-) Barre Arms is sure to leave your arms temporarily feeling like jello. But the jiggling will B replaced by muscle! If you're serious about wanting a sculpted upper body...

  • 15 Minute Ab Blaster w/ Tammy

    Ready for 15 minutes of ABSolute strength? With concentrated core moves that lead into fun variations on a long-time favorite, this experience is sure to leave your abdominals (and beyond) feeling the tightening, toning love. Class Type: 15 minute Ab Blaster

    Barre Tender: Tammy
    Toys: 2-3lb weig...

  • 15 Minute Booty Blaster w/ Tammy

    Want a tight, firm and lifted tush? This is the workshop for YOU! This 15 minute class will focus on all aspects of the glutes, working each muscle to fatigue and then some. A combination of isometrics, small ranges of motion, and large motor functional movement will B used to help share the derr...