Accessory-Free Workout 2

Accessory-Free Workout 2

No toys? No problem! This collection of workouts is weights-optional for those on the go—with or without B Present signature toys. (1) Barre Basics, (1) Barre Beautiful, (1) Barre Bootcamp included. Rental available for 14 days.

Accessory-Free Workout 2
  • Beautiful Bata w/ Samantha

    Check out this fun spin on our original Barre Beautiful class. This low-impact, 45-minute full-body experience will push your muscles to the limit and challenge your mind at the same time. Get ready for results!

    Class: Beautiful Bata
    Barretender: Samantha
    Toys; No Toys (Weights optional)
    Date: 1...

  • Power Hour Remix w/ Samantha

    POWER HOUR REMIX: Give your body a new challenge as you start with 30 minutes all-out strength training. Follow that up with 30 minutes of heart-pumping cardio and you've got a winning combination. Strength & endorphins; yes, please.

    Class: Power Hour Remix
    Barretender: Samantha
    Toys: No...

  • Barre Blast Express w/ Tammy

    A cardio lover’s dream! Your heart rate will skyrocket with this intense, full body workout. This was designed for the workout junkie. The express version is 45 minutes.

    Class Type: Barre Blast Express
    Barre Tender: Tammy
    Toys: No Toys (weights optional)
    Date: 12-16-19