Accessory-Free Workouts

Accessory-Free Workouts

No toys? No problem! This collection of workouts is weights optional for those on the go, with or without B Present signature toys. (1) Barre Basics, (1) Beautiful45, (1) Bootcamp Bata included. Rental available for 14 days.

Accessory-Free Workouts
  • Barre Basics w/ Stephanie

    Looking for a great starting point to Barre and B Present Studio? This is your class. Picture 45 minutes of muscle-tightening, limb-lengthening goodness. You will work your body from head-to-toe with our seat-lifting, shoulder-sculpting moves that will leave you feeling invigorated. You will be g...

  • Bootcamp Bata w/ Hannah

    It's no holds barred in this high-energy bootcamp class. Designed to work your muscles from head-to-toe, picture the perfect combination of strength and cardio. Modifications are given throughout. Know that you can readily make this class low-impact as well as pregnancy-safe. In forty-five minute...

  • Beautiful45 w/ Kim

    Created for the person who wants a full-body strength session that gets your heart rate up, increases lung capacity, and gets you in your challenge zone with a barre burn, shake, lift like no other. Beautiful45 is a low-impact experience that can be readily modified to meet your needs. All of tha...