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Watch this video and more on Barre On Demand

NEW BARREdio Taylor Weights Ball ADDED 12 1 22

NEW Classes • 45m

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  • NEW Beautiful Tammy Weights Circle Ba...

    This sixty-minute class allows ample opportunity to dig deep. Get ready for full-body muscle burn.

    12 6 22

  • NEW Thankful THIGHfecta Tammy Weights...

    Not only will your thighs feel the burn, but your triceps + biceps will too. How’s that for a trifecta you can look forward to? THIGH’s, TRI’s, BI’s…oh, my! 

    11 24 22

  • NEW Boxing w/Kim Weights ADDED 12 8 22

    Punch your stress away in this Boxing class. You will be empowered as you kick, jab, and punch your way through the workout. BarreBOXING will sculpt your upper body, strengthen your middle, and tone your lower half, all while keeping your heart rate elevated. What's not to love?

    11 25 22